About Us

Our Background

We launched VRCMods.com over 2 years ago, and now we're working on expanding into the world of Source 2.

Our development and staff team have been involved in the Source Community for over 12 years and we are hoping to create a central platform for the Source 2 Community.

Our Goal

Our vision is to create an environment for users interested in working with Source 2. We want to give our users the ability to utilize our tutorial & community sections, explore a rich, open, content catalog that anyone can use, and the ability to thrive in the creation of future content for Source 2. We aim to support all future Source 2 game releases, and we're especially focused on supporting the new wave of aspiring Source 2 developers.


Source2mods.com is still in the development/pre-launch stage. If you would like to contact us feel free to contact us here.